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Military Rations MRE Menu B

Military Rations MRE Menu B

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Military Rations MRE Menu B

Looking for a convenient and delicious food option for your next outdoor adventure? Look no further than our Menu B Combat Rations! This menu includes a variety of tasty and nutritious options to keep you energized and satisfied while you travel.

Each MENU B1 pack includes:

1 packet of vegetable soup (20g)
1 can of sausages with tomato (200g)
1 can of mussels in pickled sauce (112g)
1 can of peaches in syrup (190g)
1 can of pâté (60g)

But that's not all: we also offer four other MENU B options, each with a unique combination of flavors and ingredients:

MENU B-2 : vegetable soup, meatballs with peas, sardines with tomato, fruit salad and pâté
MENU B-3 : vegetable soup, beef in sauce, pickled mackerel, pears in syrup and pâté
MENU B-4 : vegetable soup, beef with peas, northern albacore in vegetable oil, fruit cocktail in syrup and pate
MENU B-5 : vegetable soup, green beans with ham, squid in oil, peaches in syrup and pâté

Don't sacrifice flavor or nutrition on your next outdoor excursion: try our Menu B Military Rations today!


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