Collection: Spanish Military Rations MRE

    • Because of the physically and mentally demanding work that soldiers must endure, their diets must be energizing and nutritionally healthy.
    • Individual combat rations began in 1995. Some allow a soldier to feed for 24 hours, weighing less than 3 kg in the backpack and offering about 3,500 to 4,000 calories.
    • The combat ration of the Spanish army is broken down into three modules that correspond to breakfast, lunch (or menu "A") and dinner (menu "B"). There are five different menus available in modules A and B.
    • Each Ration comes with instructions in Spanish, English and French that also list the contents of the box.


      *Expiration: September 2024-25


        • common to all rations
        • vitamin c pill: contribution of 1g of vitamin c/day.
        • hydrating tablet: mix with plenty of water in cases of great physical effort and high heat/humidity.
        • purification tablet: manufactured to purify 1 liter of clean water in approximately 30 minutes.
        • ignition tablet: allows combustion for about 8-9 minutes under normal conditions by raising 250ml of water to 70º. They can be reused.
        • match case.
        • chewing gum for dental hygiene: mint flavor and about 180kcal.
        • burner stove made of soft steel sheet.
        • Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer: does not require the use of water and encourages hygiene.
        • paper napkins.