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NRG-5 Emergency Ration - 20 Years

NRG-5 Emergency Ration - 20 Years

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NRG-5 relief rations are particularly suitable for civil protection, emergency agencies, wildlife operations and preparation for crisis and emergency situations.

NRG-5 is a ration that consists of 9 food bars (total of 500g). The bars are packed in an empty, sealed and resistant aluminum container.

NRG-5 is a balanced ration consisting of nutrients necessary to restore and maintain essential functions of the human body.

NRG-5 is suitable for children and adults and is ready to eat (no preparation or reheating required).

NRG-5 contains no ingredients of animal origin (only ingredients of plant origin) and is in fact usable by people of all cultural backgrounds.

Thanks to its long life (20 years), this compact ration can be easily stored in anticipation of crisis and emergency situations.

Once opened, this product must be used within 7 days.

Expiration: August 2041

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