combat rations

Perfect for Paintball, Collectors, Airsoft, Camping or

It will be easy to heat, solid to transport, adaptable to
backpack and low weight and volume. The aforementioned rations are made up of three options: breakfast, meal A and meal B, with different menus each, in addition to biscuit bread. An individual combat ration will provide you with the necessary energy so that you can correctly carry out the activity you are going to face.

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Combat Ration Inside

Us Army Mre

The "ready to eat meal"
exclusively from the USA

-For heating the main meal only
some water is needed for the flameless heater

-MRE's have an extremely robust packaging,
watertight and airtight.

Ración De Combate Individual Francesa/Mre Francia

Individual Combat Ration France/Mre France

This is French army food for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Can
find everything you need for a 24 hour meal for one person in
this individual MRE package and some additional items that may help
many to survive in the wild, such as tablets to disinfect water and powdered energy drinks.


NRG-5 Emergency Ration - 20 Years

*Katadyn Emergency Rations NRG-5 combat ration
contains essential vitamins and minerals. One packet (500 g) covers the daily energy needs of an adult and is ready for immediate consumption.

*Excellent quality and perfect longevity. It is used for the emergency kit so you are not always worried about expiration dates.
*Good price.


The NRG-5 emergency ration contains nine biscuits that can be eaten directly or broken down and eaten as porridge. There are 2,300
kcal per serving (package) for basic needs in emergency situations.


- Net content: 500 g (9 bars of 55.6 g each).


Toasted wheat, vegetable fat, sugar, vegetable proteins,
malt, vitamins and minerals.


Gluten, soy.

Average nutritional information per 100 g:

- Energy: 1920 kj / 460 kcal

Note: not suitable for children under 6 years old


45L Tactical Backpacks

Military tactical backpacks for athletes or not, are a great option if you are looking for a resistant, comfortable backpack with a lot of space.
These backpacks usually have separate compartments to store the
personal equipment, as well as pockets
Sides for small accessories. Some of them even have a
Special compartment for storing a laptop. Sports equipment, clothes and other items.


Waterproof Ammunition Box

Original empty ammunition box
12.7 caliber steel, box like new, original from the Spanish army.

Ideal for storing LiPo type batteries for R/C, airsoft, storage box
tools etc.

Technical characteristics:

Measurements: 28.5x 14.5x 17.5 cm. (length x width x height) interior measurements.

Weight: 2,700 Kg.

Condition: Original used in very good condition.


Patches Flags

High quality embroidered stitching, constructed tactical patch
for maximum durability and use.
Hook & Loop backing allows for easy attachment to outdoor molle pouches, operator caps, backpacks, jeans, jackets, tactical vests, hats, uniforms and more.


7 in 1 camping utensil set

Multifunctional folding cutlery: 7 in 1, spoon, knife, fork, slotted screwdriver, corkscrew, wine bottle, can opener.

High quality: The camping cutlery is made of stainless steel, dishwasher safe, they only use high quality materials and will allow you to enjoy it for a long time.

The multi-function folding cutlery measures approximately 10 cm when folded and weighs

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